5 Reasons Why the Fourwalls CRM Will Increase Your Client Base

  • Four Walls Digital
  • 04 October 2017

Fourwalls Digital - CRM - 5 Reasons

There are a number of forces affecting the real estate market today; from new mortgage regulations, to new debt stress tests, rising interest rates and foreign buyer taxes. These are all factors that will help cool off the market. With the demand for property slowing down, new challenges arise, affecting real estate agents and brokers alike. Taking all these recent changes into consideration, the Fourwalls platform is designed to help agents and brokers navigate these current market forces.

Customer Relationship Management, or more commonly referred to as CRM is an essential tool in modern day businesses; but what exactly is it and what does it do? In layman's terms, a CRM is a system that gathers, manages and analyzes leads, while automating communication with clients in an effort to build solid relationships. A CRM is an important tool for improving business retention and increasing sales; it is an excellent way of keeping new and current clients informed in the ever-changing real estate market.

When using the Fourwalls platform, you will have access to the unique real estate CRM software via your monthly subscription. Here are 5 reasons why using the Fourwalls CRM will increase your leads and foster sales: 

1) Track and regulate leads.

You will constantly be able to track, manage and keep in touch with leads. This will allow you to stay up-to-date in regards to what buyers are interested in and you'll be able to see every listing they have looked at. With this knowledge you can create effective and successful marketing strategies catered to your clients' needs.

2) Grow your client base.

With the Fourwalls real estate CRM and a few simple clicks, you can add a new client at an open house, import your existing client base and maintain a constant watch on all your clients' movements. This information will help you target and analyze your leads in a pertinent manner, whether it's a new or active lead or a former client.

3) Customize client interests.

You can tailor the needs of clients based on their property requirements. Is your client looking for a home in a particular neighbourhood? Do they have kids and want to be in a specific school district? With the CRM, you can send emails to prospective buyers that match every single detail of their requirements by using exclusive Fourwalls features such as the neighbourhood watch, condo watch* and school watch*.

4) Everything is automatic.

The Fourwalls CRM will automate the entire process of client communication. You can send personalized emails, newsletters and marketing material to all of your contacts which will include all relevant listings and open houses.

5) Easy-to-use software.

The Fourwalls real estate CRM software is fast, efficient, easy to maneuver and can be accessed from your laptop or mobile device. In no time at all, you will effortlessly be able to navigate the platform and jump in feet first.

With all the recent changes the real estate market has been undergoing, the need for a more precise system for client management has never been more crucial. The Fourwalls real estate CRM is the ideal tool for managing and growing your client base and building sales.