3 Reasons Why Enhanced Listings Will Attract More Buyers

  • Four Walls Digital
  • 01 November 2017


Making your listings stand out in today’s real estate market is hard. The Fourwalls’ enhanced listing feature is designed to make promoting your listing quick and easy. Enhancing your listings on the Fourwalls platform will impress both your customers and potential buyers, leading to immediate results.

Most real estate boards place a limit on the number and quality of photos, the description length, and require you to remove any type of branding. Moreover, taking the time to customize your listing on your own website is time consuming and still doesn’t have the required reach. Here are three ways the Fourwalls enhanced listing will help your listing stand out.

#1. Add more detail to your description 

A listing is more than just pictures and prices. Unfortunately, listing boards force you to squeeze information into the description by using confusing abbreviations and acronyms. These abbreviations cause stress and confusion for potential buyers not familiar with them. A Fourwalls enhanced listing lets you write as much as you want and eliminates buyer confusion. You can finally let the buyers know about the charm and history of a house, the friendly neighbourhood, the great mom & pop shops that are steps away, and more.

#2. Publish higher quality photos 

Together with having a detailed description, photos are an integral part of your listing. The more visually appealing the listing, the more likely you'll have someone interested, helping you generate more buyer leads. The Fourwalls enhanced listing allows you to upload high resolution photos so potential buyers don’t miss any detail.

#3. Use the network effect to attract more buyers

Having an enhanced listing on your website is great because it attracts more interest. However, being able to market it on other real estate focused websites is integral to expanding your buyer network. By using the Fourwalls enhanced listing, you can choose where to share your listings. Advertise it on your own website, your brokerage’s website and/or on the websites of other brokers. Simply put, your enhanced listing can be viewed on multiple real estate focused websites which will increase its reach.

Getting your listings to stand out can be a challenge and in a competitive market you need something that will set you apart from the crowd. With superior listings that are detailed and visually appealing, the Fourwalls enhanced listing is perfect for growing your buyer base.